Eat less…

Exercise more…

You know what you should do…but it is so hard to do on your own!

Isn’t is time to take care of you now? Get off the diet roller-coaster!

If you’ve tried low-carb, high-fat, low-calorie, grapefruit and juice fasts with no luck, you’re probably thinking there’s nothing else you can do to lose weight. Let me help you change that negative thinking into positive results.

Hypnotherapy makes it possible to utilize subconscious control thereby increasing desire, motivation and willpower. You’ll learn that you don’t need to deprive yourself to achieve weight loss. We will work together to set up eating and exercise programs that are realistic and achievable, simple reprogramming to think and act “thin”. You’ll gain confidence as the program progresses and you incorporate healthy eating and exercise habits into your life. No more yo-yo dieting. Learn to cope with obstacles and setbacks without giving up on your new healthy self!

What are you really hungry for that food will not satisfy?

Discover your own hidden emotional components in an unsucessful relationship to food and eating. How is overeating helping you to cope?