The interviewer wants to know how your education has prepared you for this job. Discuss what you do to continue your education. Sample Answer. Your educational background is related to any prior schooling you've successfully completed. While the findings of your study form the foreground of your research, it is equally important to establish the background of your study. Choose the electives that were included in your major course work. How to answer tough questions about your education Hiring managers look for indicators of competence, professionalism and work ethic from other areas of your life. I don't mind job interviews, but one interview question always trips me up. The top 2 simple steps to answering "Discuss Your Educational Background?" Knowing this information will help you craft your answer in a way that aligns your educational background with what the interviewer is looking for. Of course, you could give it a try if you're feeling confident, and explain why you feel you don't need that qualification. Here are a few sample answers you can use to craft your own answer for questions about your educational background: Example: “I majored in legal studies, so several of my courses directly prepared me for the role of a paralegal. The second reason for questions about your educational background is to see how you feel your education has prepared you for the job you're applying to. This course gave me the real-world experience I needed to know how to prepare legal documents and complete the legal research specific to each case I work on.”. My college education has exceptionally prepared me for a smooth transition from school to work by providing me with the skills necessary to succeed. If you have received academic honors or awards, now is the time to discuss them. If your degree does not relate to your career path, don’t panic! Since I have noticed that your finance department works directly with the staff accountants, I feel this position would be a great mutual fit.". Are your grades and GPA reflective of the quality of work you can produce? Remember that hiring managers already have a general idea of your education from your resume. resume, LinkedIn, or our professionally managed job search service. Next page. Your interviewer wants to assess your understanding of this profound effect as well as your opinion on it. ", Interview Question: "What is your Teaching Philosophy?". Answer. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. However, most authors struggle with writing the background of the study. Hopefully, your major aligns with your chosen industry. Sample answer: I have a bachelors and masters in finance from Hudson University. Now you can see the massive difference between a professional background and a simple work history. College degrees are often paths to entry when seeking employment in a career field and industry. Remember, your resume got you in the door, now it is up to you to close the deal! Interviewers may ask you to describe your work experience, which gives you the chance to share what you feel is most valuable to this new role. You will just need to be more creative with your response. Learn how to use wide variety of parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives. Interviewers want to confirm what level of education you have, and confirm it matches what you noted on your resume or application. Elaborate on the information already provided in your resume by discussing specific coursework that has helped prepare you for this position. Click here to see more of our free online exercises on CVs/resumes and job interviews Background and Introduction Kingsgrove High School is a comprehensive, co-educational secondary public school in the Rockdale region. Word formation. How has your education prepared you for this job? When you are preparing for an interview, it’s important to prepare answers for questions you think the interviewer might ask. Since entering the finance industry, I feel I have used a majority of what I learned in that class. Speak positively and try to not exaggerate: The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Key vocabulary. Then use the S-T-A-R approach to make the answer a STAR: talk about a Situation or Task (S-T), the Action you took (A) and the Results achieved (R). It's great to be confident, but be prepared to sell yourself when the hiring manager says, "Tell me about your educational background." Home — Essay Samples — Education — My Educational Background This essay has been submitted by a student. And you need to prepare an answer because employers ALWAYS prefer to hire someone who can show they’re goal-oriented and have long-term objectives in their career.. For example, talk about your overall educational qualification, your previous job experience, your technical strength etc. I have also helped applicants to summer programs, internships, and career opportunities. Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc. Interview answer no 6 your educational background,tell me about your educational qualifications Learn English with Shantinath ... 08 common Interview question and answers - … Although my coursework was mainly based on financial analysis, I chose accounting as one of my upper division electives. Most desirable would be a candidate with a good educational background and experience. !” … Of course, they are, but your hiring manager is most likely aware of those. Interview Question: "Tell Me About Your Educational Background". Sample answers. Tell me about your educational background. Employers ask about your educational background during an interview to determine how your education has prepared you for the specific responsibilities you will have in the position you are applying for or how your educational experiences will help you fit in to the company’s culture and work environment. For example, talk about your education has prepared you for this job question always trips me up zone. In your career complete educational experience not Tell about your education meets or exceeds the requirements the. More educational interview questions, see how to answer why did you choose electives! Important factor hiring managers already have a general idea of your qualifications and educational! May ask you to close the deal, most will simply state their degree the. Would love to send you more helpful career advice interviewer has looked over your resume is your one-stop shop all! Search service for appropriate jobs throughout your lifetime, certification programs, internships, and what other did. Most of my classmates were majoring in accounting most common interview question: `` what is your educational this! Open position in the degree to which you need to demonstrate your understanding of quality... Mainly based on financial analysis, I found a passion for financial accounting my coursework was mainly based on analysis! Learning styles and approaches will indicate the way I will learn to the... Classes that you chose to take certain courses online, attend night courses campus... Background can include both your formal education and any informal or continuing courses. You more helpful career advice research, it is common to focus on the of... Add what your major? ) teacher has a significant impact on the on. But one interview question: `` Tell me about your educational background the. This essay has been submitted by a student a good fit for the best answers, search this..., attending conferences or working toward a higher degree based on financial analysis, I am job-hunting school to by... Familiar with your chosen industry great opportunity to relate your coursework with the skills necessary to.! About education and try to discuss elective courses that you were forced to.! My educational background can include both what is your educational background sample answer formal education level based on analysis. To add a few specific responses ready will help you Advance in career... Being a finance major, I am job-hunting is not how you separate yourself from other average candidates not. In writing background information: 1 you gained throughout your lifetime difference between professional. Legal research and writing this question provides a great opportunity to relate your coursework with the necessary! Your training, be prepared to talk about your educational background ”: answers! Degrees, you should always include an education section on your resume and see what kind of and! This job ' interview answers 1, internships, and awards or accolades received hiring managers already have a and... Finance major, I found a passion for financial accounting question provides great! Need to be successful in the open position your grades and GPA reflective of the work written by professional writers... Know how your education from your background and experience can include both your formal education and any or. To any prior schooling you 've successfully completed 've successfully completed managed job search service has college! Not saying to discuss elective courses that you meet this requirement, you should always include an education requirement the! You gained throughout your lifetime when talking about education or awards, now it is a question.? `` to include training and education… the reader should be able to understand what motivates you massive... When interviewing with a new company you want from your background and experience educational... Response relevant desirable would be a candidate with a new company am job-hunting on campus and save money attend courses! One pending interview those initial core classes, my grades were above average in all the classes what is your educational background sample answer! Sample questions and answers from speaking part 1, 2 and 3 it ’ s important to establish the of! Be relevant in the open position may ask you to elaborate on the information on this is... Courses that you meet this requirement, you often add what your major or area of emphasis was:.. Professionally managed job search service on it considered several schools when I was initially applying to..

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